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Seelen agricultural contracting services, offers your crop more than 80 years experience

About us

Loonbedrijf Seelen, a certified partner offering agriculture and horticulture contracting services located in Maasbree, serves Northern Limburg (South East Netherlands) and surrounding Euregio.

  • Horticulture, agriculture, earthmoving and landscaping, soft fruit and green-keeping services.
  • VKL certified
  • More then 80 year experience in contracting.


Seelen in Maasbree is a full service provider in agricultural &, horticulture contracting, landscaping and green-keeping. Our machines, equipment and know-how are specialized in various crops and conditions. Seelen provides solutions to support your full crop production cycle. Our experience starts with soil preparation, seeding or panting, careful crop protection and finally a successful harvest, all out of a single source.
Our specialization in horticulture covers leeks, asparagus, strawberries, in soft fruits blueberry and raspberry growers are our key areas.

  • Ag-services with focus on innovation crop quality and efficiency.
  • GPS/RTK controlled equipment your fields are fully covered.
  • More then 80 years experience in agriculture contracting services, clearly counts in your advantage...
  • Our equipment and experience results in contracting services maximizing your crop quality, yield and profit.
  • A clear focus on next generation, our patented biological soil disinfection technology offers a sustainable future in biological soil cleaning.
Loonbedrijf Seelen - Tongerveldweg 17 - 5993 NH Maasbree - The Netherlands
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